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Small House Plans: Big Living

March 10, 2016

In recent years, small house plans have gained popularity. There are many reasons to build a smaller home. Let’s say you’re just starting out, or maybe you are downsizing. The current trend of tiny house living is a bit extreme, but it works for some. Overall, many homeowners these days are realizing that bigger is not always better.

The Advantages of Small House Plans

My husband and I are empty nesters, and we downsized a few years ago. From personal experience I have found one of the perks of living smaller is lower utility bills. We have less square footage to heat and cool and this naturally equates to less expense each month, as well as to reducing our energy consumption. Using less energy and keeping the family home “green” is a priority to many eco-conscious homeowners.

Another benefit of a smaller house is less space to clean and maintain. The demands of a larger home can be great, including the outdoor space. The limited upkeep of a smaller home and a smaller yard leaves time for more enjoyable activities.

But What About Amenities?

Does building a smaller home mean you give up luxury features? Not necessarily, especially with a home plan from the Sater Design Collection. One of our small house plans, the “Catalina”, is a perfect example.

Catalina Front Elevation

Catalina-Front Elevation-Plan #6505


With 1608 square feet, this open concept Mediterranean house plan features a large great room and dining area with lovely stepped ceilings throughout, with a large adjoining kitchen with center island. The expansive solana features a built-in grill as well as an outdoor fireplace, perfect for entertaining or just relaxing.


Catalina Floor Plan
Catalina-Main Level Flooor Plan-
Plan #6505

If you’re searching for a small house plan with more room to grow, the “Dorado” lives larger than its 2387 square feet.


El Dorado House Plan 6644

Dorado-Front Elevation- plan #6644

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a separate study, this is the ideal family floor plan. The charming features such as a round dining room surrounded by glass and outdoor gardens that flank the home make this small house plan unique and one of a kind.

El Dorado House Plan 6644 Floor Plan

Dorado-Main Level Floor Plan- Plan #6644

Often when you choose to live with less space, the basis is the desire to simplify. Building smaller but smarter creates less stress, allowing you to focus on what is most important to you.

Looking for more design choices? See the Sater Design Collection of one-story and small house plans online, as well as our Small House Plans board and more on Pinterest.

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