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Built-In Grills

A built-in grill is a must in almost any home. If you have ever struggled with setting up a grill and having to take it down after cooking, you know it can be a real pain. The novelty of having a gas grill wears off quickly when you have to keep moving it around.

The beauty of a built-in grill is that you will actually use it, a lot. Once you remove the struggle of using a portable grill, you will find your self gilling outside all the time. That is just one of the amazing things about a proper built-in grill.

Built-in Grills Expand Your Living Space

A verandah or a patio is a great addition to any home. But when you add the convince and functionality of a built-in grill, what you have done is expand your home. Why lock yourself inside on a beautiful afternoon or evening? Why not make a quick lunch on the grill on a week day?

Combine a built-in grill with a verandah and an outside TV and you have something special. Take the Riverside house plan for example. It has a verandah that spans the width of the house. In that space there is a built-in grill right near an outdoor fireplace that can house a TV right above it. Imagine checking the grill then sitting down to watch the game, or a movie. Very few things could be more relaxing.

If you want a little more space and amenities, the Massimo house plan offers a little bit more than just a built-in grill. Along with a verandah and the built-in grill, you also get a pool bathroom. You could spend the whole weekend outside relaxing. If you open the retreating glass walls you can open the leisure room up to the verandah. Totally blurring the lines between inside and outside.

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Dan Sater has been designing award-winning house plans for over 30 years. This specially created collection of plans is just a small sample of his stunning designs. We have house plans with built-in grill from under 1600 square feet to over 8000 square feet. We are sure you’ll be able to find a plan that is right for you. If you have any questions, or feel you need help in your search, please feel free to contact us. We are her to help.