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Wet Bar Equipped House Plans

One of the things people dream about when it comes to a new home is sharing it. They think about their friends and family and how they would like them to gather at their new home. One of the best features you can add while building your home is a wet bar. And remember, wet bars are not just for people that drink alcohol.

When you are entertaining, the key is organization and convenience. You want your guests to have quick access to beverages and snacks. But you don’t want them in the kitchen. A wet bar is perfect for getting the people what they want and keeping them out from underfoot.

Wet Bars in Large & Small Homes

A wet bar is not a luxury limited to just large fancy homes. We have over 100 home plans that include a wet bar. They range in size from 1857 square feet all the way up to 8088 square feet. We are sure with this many home plans that you’ll find one perfect for you.

One of our favorites is the Begonia house plan. It features a wet bar on the second floor. It is located in the loft area. This makes it perfect for entertaining. In addition to the wet bar there is a bathroom and a covered patio off the loft area. Your guests won’t need to leave the loft.

The Begonia is a very popular size, 2072 square feet. And it has a lot of very desirable features such as a walk-in pantry, front porch, rear veranda, 2 car garage, and a utility room. The study can be easily converted into a bedroom, giving you 4 bedrooms in a very small foot print.

Wet bars are great for entertaining, or for keeping the kids out of the kitchen, or for game night. Every home should have one. If your favorite Sater Design plan doesn’t have one, let us know. Most of our plans can be changed to add what you need.