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Terms & Conditions

In order to receive any of our plans in any format (PDF or CAD) after purchase, you will be required to fill out, sign and agree to our License Agreement. 

License Agreement

Licensee acknowledges that The Sater Design Collection, Inc. (hereinafter "Licensor") is the owner of the Plan. Licensee acknowledges that this single use license is granted for the construction of only one home located at the address specifically identified in this agreement. Any additional use of the Plan, or any other plan owned by the Licensor, is subject to additional licensing fees. Licensee agrees to contact Licensor for details on re-use fees and/or multiple use programs prior to the construction of any additional residences. 

Licensee shall have the right to customize the Plan, as necessary, to obtain a building permit for the construction of the single home at the above-referenced address. Customizations may be made to the Plan to comply with local building code requirements, material requirements and personal customizations. All customized versions of the Plan shall prominently bear Licensor's copyright. 

If customizations are made to the Plan, Licensee acknowledges that the original Plan, together with any customizations or changes to the Plan, remain the property of Licensor. Licensor is free of any and all liability associated with customizations made to the Plan. Any discrepancies or changes of any nature to the Plan is the sole responsibility of the Licensee and anyone involved in the redesign process. 

Licensee acknowledges that this License cannot be transferred or assigned to any other party. Licensee further acknowledges that Licensee cannot sell the Plan. Any subsequent sale of the Plan is a violation of this License Agreement and U.S. Copyright Law. Licensee understands that the penalty for copyright infringement is severe and can include an award of statutory damages against an infringer of up to $150,000.00 per infringement, plus attorney fees. In the alternative, a copyright holder can recover its actual damages plus the infringing party's profits derived from the infringement. 

Failure to execute this License Agreement and return it to Licensor prior to customizing the Plan or using the Plan to construct a home will render the License null and void. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will be deemed an infringement of copyright and legal action will be taken.

Term & Conditions for Returns

Sater Design Collection, Inc. maintains a NO RETURN policy. Because our plans are copyrighted and registered to the purchaser, we cannot allow refunds. Please be sure of your selection before ordering, and feel free to contact our office at (800) 718-7526 (Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST) to discuss any concerns you may have before ordering.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is not included with our plans. We strongly recommend you have your plans reviewed by a local structural and truss engineer to ensure your plans will fully satisfy local building codes and be expediently approved. Different locations have different conditions, such as hurricanes or earthquakes that homes need to be able to withstand. A local expert familiar with your specific locale is best prepared to ensure your plans meet the requirements of your area. Please remember to verify if your municipality requires a licensed Architect to stamp and seal the plans. You will need to arrange this if it is required in your area.

Plan Licensing Information

All Sater Design Collection, Inc. plans are protected under all U.S. and International copyright laws. Reproduction of the plans, either in whole or part, including any for copying and/or preparation of derivative works thereof, for any reason without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited. The purchase of a license in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except as limited use for the construction of one and only one dwelling unit. The purchase of additional sets of that home plan at a reduced price from the original set or as part of a multiple set package does not convey to the buyer a license to construct more than one dwelling. Similarly, the purchase of reproducible home plans (printed) carries the same copyright as mentioned above.

You are allowed to make up to a maximum of 20 copies for the construction of a single dwelling only. To use any plans to build more than one home and to avoid any copyright or license infringement, it is necessary to contact the plans designer to receive a release and license for any extended usage.


Copyright and licensing of home plans for construction exists to protect all parties. It respects and supports the intellectual property or the original designer. Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years. Willful infringement could cause settlements for statutory damages up to and not limited to $150,000.00 plus attorney’s fees, damages and loss of profits. Illustration or working drawings by any means is strictly prohibited. Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our plan information, we reserve the right to make corrections on our floor plans or elevations if changes occur.