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PDF or CAD file Format

At Sater Design, we’re all about creating your dream home and making the process as easy as possible for you. Therefore, the house plan format you select will depend on your situation. For your convenience, we sell our plans in 2 basic plan formats: electronic PDF file format, and electronic AutoCAD files. AutoCAD is the name of the program that is used to create the plans. There is no “correct” or “better” plan format, it all depends on your individual needs. Each plan format has its benefits and some are more versatile than others.

A print license is conveyed to the purchaser of a PDF file. The PDF file cannot be modified and can only be printed. An electronic license allows for the client or the client’s consultants to make more elaborate modifications to plans (i.e.: widen a bedroom, add a fireplace, or add a window, etc.).

PDF Electronic:

The most popular plan format is PDF, which is an electronic file format, but it is not editable so changes can be more difficult to make. We email you the plan as a set of electronic PDF files. We then mail your license agreement. This plan format provides the most expedient way to receive the plans, usually within the same business day (by email). Your local blue print shop can make prints as needed, see the Plan Licensing Information page for more details.

CAD Electronic:

If you need to make changes or alterations to the plan, you will need to order the plan in electronic AutoCAD. This plan format file is emailed as well. We also include the PDF files with this option. As with the PDF option, your license agreement will be mailed to you. Anyone with the AutoCAD program and knowledge of how to use it - which most builders do – will be able to open the files and make changes to them. Your builder or local blue print shop can make prints from the AutoCAD files (see the Plan Licensing Information page for more details). 

If you don't know how to decide, please feel free to call our Customer Service department about your specific criteria at 800-718-7526 to receive free plan assistance.

Still have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re awaiting your call!