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Custom Design Service

Custom home design service


Can’t Find Just the Right Home Plan?

Many times people start looking for a stock home plan only to find there isn’t one that completely fits their needs. It’s best to begin with a Modification Consultation, in which you can choose your favorite pre-designed house plan and have our experts modify it to accommodate what you’re looking for. However, when the number of changes requested by a client gets to a tipping point, we will recommend looking into commissioning a Custom Home design. No matter the path you take the best place to end up is with us.

Custom Home Design Services

The Sater Design Collection sells pre-drawn luxury home plans to clients around the globe. However, if you are seeking a truly custom design that is specifically created for the needs of your family and the requirements of your site, then Sater Group, Inc. is pleased to assist you. Many of our stock home plans can meet most consumer’s needs. Our home plans are designed to take advantage of the views available on your lot, so when there are restrictions that prohibit one of our luxury home plans from being built on your site, then the best way to overcome those obstacles is with a home plan designed specifically for you.

All custom home designs are personally handled by Dan F. Sater II, AIBD, CGP. He is the creative force behind The Sater Design Collection’s award-winning home plans. He can meet with you personally to discuss your dream home wish list.

He can even visit with you at your home site. This way he can get a full sense of your vision of your dream home. You and Dan will work together to create a home plan that’s in harmony with your land and your lifestyle.

To get more information about creating a Custom Home Plan just for you, please visit the Sater Group, Inc. website. You can see photos of the final products of just some of Dan’s work that he has done all over the world.

If you’ve found a design on this site that nearly meets your needs, consider having it modified using our Plan Customization process. This is the easiest way to create your special dream home.

Custom Designed Luxury House Plans by Dan Sater II