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Add Versatility with an Exercise Room

Today’s lifestyle is focused on health. It is also focused on many other factors - family, career, volunteering, and more. Which can make keeping healthy difficult. Especially if you have to travel to the gym for a workout. This is why more and more customers are asking for a home plan that includes a dedicated exercise room.

Yes, it is possible to make “any” room an exercise room. But that means taking away from the living space of your home. It always ends up as a compromise. There is nothing worse than a guest bedroom with exercise equipment stuffed into the corner. It only makes sense that if keeping healthy is a priority in your life, it should be a priority when you build your new home.

Discover House Plans with Exercise Rooms

Exercising can be a very personal experience. Often times it can be the only part of the day you have just to yourself. The ideal exercise room would be located right off your master bed room. The Gabriella house plan has just that feature. A 90 square foot exercise room has access to the back yard with retreating glass walls. This allows you to open the room to the outdoors. There is nothing better than getting fresh air while you exercise.

If you want the exercise room to be more of a communal room. The Plantation Pine house plan has a large dedicated exercise room that is more centrally located. This room can be accessed by anyone in the home. It is large enough to hold enough equipment to keep several people busy at the same time.

Add an Exercise Room to Your Favorite Plan

Almost all of our plans can be modified. If you have a favorite plan but it doesn’t have a dedicated exercise room, you can always ask what it will take to add one. Our modification process is not complicated and we are always happy to help you get your dream home. If adding an exercise room is a priority to you, it will be a priority to us as well.