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Prairie Style House Plans

Prairie style house plans are based on a turn of the last century architectural style largely created by renowned American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. These home plans were spread out and largely one story so as to be at one with the open prairies they were designed for.

Featuring hipped roofs and dormers with large overhangs to blend in with the prairie. They predominately had lap siding, square tapered columns and large expansive windows to bring in lots of natural lighting. They also employed an open floor plan concept to enhance natural light within. They were basically the antithesis of traditional homes up until that point in time.

Prairie Styled Home Plans often introduced stone or brick accents. They were some of the first floor plan styles that addressed the automobile by incorporating the garage or carport within it’s footprint. Many of the features of the Prairie Style are still very much desired today. We have a nice selection of Prairie Style Home Plans to choose from.