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You Need a House Plan with a Media Room

Why do you need a media room in your new house? The simple answer is that you might end up adding one later, so why not do it when you are building your home. The cost will be much less if you do it during the main construction of your home.

Let’s step back and define what we are talking about. A media room is not a home theater. It is more of a multipurpose space that has a large flat-screen television, for movies or gaming. It usually has cozy seating and sometimes a wet bar.

How large should a media room be? Generally speaking it should be at least 10 feet by 15 feet. However, most of our media rooms tend to be larger. More on the order of 15 feet by 20 feet. The important thing is that the space has enough room for the media equipment, and the media room decor.

Finding House plans With Media Rooms

If you prefer a larger more feature rich media room, you should look at the Seagrove Lake house plan. It has a third floor Club Room that has a wet bar, a bathroom, a balcony, and you can even take an elevator to get there.

One of our more popular, and award-winning plans with a media room is the Padova house plan. The media room is on the second floor, and it is a good sized room with lots of built-ins for media equipment. Located right off the very large loft, which has a wet bar. This media room and loft combination is great for entertaining.

A media room can only add value to your new home. And it will be one of the very few features of a home that every member of the family will find useful. Be it younger kids hosting LAN Gaming night, or the family enjoying movie night. It can also be a quiet space to decompress from the responsibilities of daily life.

If your favorite Sater design doesn’t have a dedicated media room, don’t worry. Most of our designs can be altered to add the features that you want. We are always ready to help our customers get the perfect house plan.