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Every Home Should Have a Morning Kitchen

What exactly is a morning kitchen? What is so special about them, and why do you need one? Before we answer those questions, let us dispel a few myths about morning kitchens.

A lot of people don’t know what a morning kitchen is. As soon as they find out what they are, they immediately want one. This is totally understandable, they are great. However, the second thing that pops into their heads is that such an amazing feature can only be found in high-end, fancy, large homes.

The reality is morning kitchens can be found in any size of home. And the home doesn’t need to be fancy to have one. The other concern people have is that they are expensive, which is totally not true. When this feature is added to a new home, the extra cost is negligible.

House Plans that have Morning Kitchens

Specifically, a morning kitchen is a mini kitchen in or near the master suite of a home. It can also be located in an in-law suite. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. But the basics are a sink, a mini fridge and a few small cabinets. Just enough space and appliances to easily make a small snack or coffee.

Small house plans can benefit greatly from a morning kitchen. Take the Jasmine house plan for example. This is a great plan for a narrow lot, with two stories, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and just 2072 square feet of living space. It has two bedrooms, a full bath, and a large loft on the second floor. In the loft area there is a morning kitchen.

This makes the second floor almost self sufficient. People have everything they need, which drastically cuts down on the need to go up and down the stairs. They can make snacks if they are watching TV in the loft. In the morning they can make coffee and relax in the loft or bedrooms. It makes the second floor feel more like its own living space.

The expansive Alamosa house plan also features a morning kitchen. The master suite in this house is an oasis within an amazing space. The morning kitchen is located in the master foyer connecting the bedrooms to the bath. A quick snack or a comforting cup of hot coffee is only steps away from your bed or your large soaking tub.

With over 50 house plans featuring morning kitchens, ranging in size from 8088 square feet down to just 1853 square feet, there is a design perfect for you and your family. If your favorite plans don’t have a morning kitchen, just let us know. Most of our designs can be altered to add the features you want.