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Moderno - Modern House Plans Sater Design’s modern style house plans feature contemporary detailing such as floor-to-ceiling window walls, clean and simple lines, maintenance-free finishes and more. These designs reflect the Modernist movement that inspired homes with simplicity and honest detailing. Almost all of these plans have open, airy and casual layouts that complement the relaxed living that is desired in such modern style homes. Most feature informal great rooms that are interconnected with bright spacious kitchens and view-oriented dining spaces in order to evoke a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Whether on a lakeshore, gulf shore or an oceanfront setting, our home plans are designed to capture views and make its owners feel like they are immersed in their outdoor setting. All our modern style house plans incorporate sustainable design features to ensure maintenance free living, energy efficiency, and lasting value. Interested in going even more modern? Check out our portfolio of elevator-equipped house plans for luxury, convenience, and sleek design.  

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All of our Modern House Plans showcase cutting edge design. They focus on open spaces and outdoor living. Search through our homes by number of bedrooms, bathrooms or special features. moderno


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