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Master Suite Sitting Area


Sometimes you need more than just your own bedroom. When you need that extra quiet space to relax, you should consider a master suite with a sitting area. A master bedroom that has a separate area for some seating, desk, or even a media area can be a welcome getaway. Dan Sater has been designing award-winning homes that include sitting areas in the master bedroom for almost 40 years.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area Benefits

Many studies have been done that centered around getting a good nights sleep. Almost all of them recommend that you try and use the bed for sleeping and not other activities. It centers around the idea of sense memory.

If you spend a lot of time watching TV or reading in bed, your body won’t relax when you climb into bed. It will expect to be entertained and it will be restless. A sitting area in your bedroom can help with this by giving you a comfortable, private area to read or watch TV. This will help make the bed the special sleeping place your body expects.

Sitting Areas in any Size home

A master bedroom sitting area isn’t exclusive to large homes. Our collection includes the Burroughs house plan that has only 2250 square feet of living area. But it has a great sitting area in the master bedroom that looks out over the expansive rear verandah.

If your needs run to a larger home, consider the Cordillera house plan. This luxury Mediterranean home planhas a large sitting area off the master bedroom. It has views of the lanai and the back yard. This magnificent 4 bedroom, 5 and a half bathroom home boasts 2 stories and 6684 square feet of living area.

A sitting area in the master bedroom is not a luxury that only large homes have. It is a necessity in today’s busy world. And any size home can have one. If your favorite Sater Design home doesn’t, let us know, most of our plans can be modified. We are committed to helping you find your dream home.