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Outdoor Fireplace is Really Living

Fireplaces in a home can be an amazing feature that helps turn a house in to a home. While the quality of life inside a home is important, it is not the only thing to consider. Equally important is outdoor living spaces. Just as a fireplace inside a home can create a cozy atmosphere, the same can be done outside.

To maximize the enjoyment of your new home you need to leverage the outdoor living space. A porch or veranda is good. An outdoor kitchen is even better. But adding an outdoor fireplace is really hitting the mark when it comes to enjoying the outdoor space.

An outdoor fireplace is not a fire pit

We don’t have anything against a good fire pit. We’ve all spent many evenings sitting around one enjoying family and friends. But what we are talking about is an outdoor fireplace. This is a gas fireplace, located under the cover of the roof.

Modern gas fireplaces are safe, efficient, and cheaper to install and maintain than a wood burning fireplace. Because they can be located almost anywhere, you can place one where you want it, and not be limited to where it can “fit” a chimney. It is also simple, no chopping, stacking, or buying wood. No getting up to fix the fire. Just light it, and sit back and enjoy.

The Perfect House Plan With an Outdoor Fireplace

For dream homes it doesn’t get much better than the Huntington Lakes house plan. This amazing design features an outdoor fireplace on the lanai. It is right next to the large outdoor kitchen, making this plan the perfect choice for luxury outdoor living.

Coming back down to earth for a moment you might want to consider the Cerafino house plan. This is a great 1606 square feet home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It has a large solana, over 360 square feet, in the back with an outdoor built-in grille and an outdoor fireplace. With the addition of the sliding glass walls in the great room and the dining area, this plan really blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Over 70 plans that include an outdoor fireplace can be found on our website. They are designed by Dan Sater, an award-winning home designer with nearly 40 years of experience designing homes that are built all over the globe. If you desire a new home plan with an outdoor fireplace, this is the place to look.