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Cozy House Plans With Fireplaces

There is nothing that can create atmosphere in a home quite like a fireplace. A rainy day spent curled up on a couch in front of a fire is a day well spent. It can make a house feel like a safe harbor against the harsh elements. It is a romantic touch. It is one of the few additions to a building that can help make it feel like a home.

Modern Fireplaces In Any Home

We offer over 350 house plans that have fireplaces. These are not your traditional, old school, inefficient fireplaces that need lots of maintenance. These are high tech appliances that are energy efficient, safe, and easy to use. Most are designed to use natural gas, which is a more desirable alternative to burning wood.

A natural gas or propane fireplace is more efficient than burning wood. It burns cleaner and is better for the environment than wood-burning alternatives. With a gas fireplace there is less energy loss up the chimney. And speaking of a chimney, you don’t need one when burning gas. You can safely vent the unit out the side of the home. This increases the places you can install a fireplace.

Let’s not forget convenience. With a gas fireplace you can have a cozy fire any time you want. There is no chopping wood, and moving wood piles, or covering wood in bad weather. That is a lot of work. And sure, it is great exercise, but if you want that, why not get a house plan with a dedicated exercise room?

Fireplaces in Any Style of Home

If you desire a contemporary house plan with a West-Indies flair, but you also want a fireplace, look no further than the Donwell house plan. It is a stunning design with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. It’s open floor plan features a great room with a fireplace flanked by built-in areas on either side.

A smaller and more traditional home plan like the Begonia also features a fireplace in the great room. With doors on either side that open out to the veranda, this design is very special. With 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, this 2072 square foot home is just the right size.

With so many house plans that include a fireplace we are positive you’ll find one that will be your dream home. But on the off chance that the plan you fall in love with doesn’t come with a fireplace, let us know. Many of our plans can be modified to include the feature that you want.