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Why an Outdoor Kitchen Makes Sense


Today's active lifestyle demands more flexibility in our living spaces. When you are trying to make the most of your free time, you don’t want to be trapped inside when meal time comes. The fun and activity shouldn’t end just because it is time to cook. The solution to this is an outdoor kitchen.

Beyond adding flexibility to your daily life, an outdoor kitchen also adds practical living space to your home. Most of our outdoor kitchens are located within covered spaces. which is ideal because it makes them useful no matter the weather. These things add value to your home, and are well worth the investment.

Outdoor appliances today are extremely tough. They will last for many years exposed to the elements. That means the kitchen can be used almost year round. You will appreciate how long these appliances last because you’ll fall in love with cooking outdoors, and you’ll be doing it for years.

Find the Best House plans with an Outdoor Kitchen

Even smaller homes can have an outdoor kitchen. The Morningside Court house plan is just 1717 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. Yet it comes with an outdoor kitchen designed into its veranda. The outdoor kitchen is located right off the main kitchen and has access to a full bath. This is a great choice for a home with a pool.

If your home requirements run a bit larger, there is the Cordillera house plan. This award-winning design features an outdoor kitchen with a bar right next to a solana with an outdoor fireplace. You can host very large outdoor events here. Or just have an intimate family dinner while enjoying the great outdoors.

We have over 140 different house plans that come with an outdoor kitchen. They range in sizes and styles. We are confident that you will find the optimal plan for your needs. But, if you fall in love with a plan that doesn’t have an outdoor kitchen, don’t fret. The majority of our designs can be altered to add the things that you desire in a new home.