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Great House Plans Have Great Rooms

Every home has that one area that everyone gravitates to. It is the heart of the home, the place everyone feels welcome and comfortable. And most importantly, a place where everyone fits. Great rooms are usually that spot. By definition they are the best place to be in the home.

Of course, a great room can be designed to be more grand or casual to suite your tastes and preferences. Many people will have their own favorite place. But, most of the time you’ll find people hanging out in the great room.

Great Rooms in Large and Small Homes

A house doesn’t need to be huge to include a great room. Although these are key features in some of our most popular larger home plans. The Stillwater design for example. This is a stunning, award-winning contemporary house plan. It features 6136 square feet of living space centered around a huge great room with retreating glass walls and a fireplace.  

You can still get a great room in a much smaller home. Take the Plymouth Bay house plan for example. It is a beautiful little plan perfect for a seaside retreat cottage. Even though it only has 1794 square foot of living space, it still features a great room with fireplace and built-in cabinetry.

With over 300 floor plans in many different styles and sizes that feature a great room. We are confident that you will find the house plan that perfectly fits your needs. However, if for some reason the design you love doesn’t have a great room, we might be able to change that. We can modify almost any of our house plans. We are always here to help you with your search for the best house plan you can get.