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Two Story House Plans

March 03, 2016

Two Story House Plans

Two story house plans are ideal for families who want a flexible living space. With the option of having bedrooms on the first and second floors, two-story floor plans provide the perfect balance between privacy and daily living.

Two Story House Plans can be Less Expensive to Build

Because it is more cost effective to build up than out, many families seeking a larger home will gravitate towards a two-story style. When it comes to building eco-friendly, the two-story home planhas a smaller footprint. This allows a larger home to have less environmental impact by using less land space. For example, one of Sater Design’s narrow lot home plans is the lovely Mediterranean-styled “Ferretti”.

Ferretti Two Story House Plan

Ferretti-Front elevation-plan #6786

A smaller lot does not necessarily mean building a smaller home. With four bedrooms and five bathrooms, this home design features 3031 square feet of private, family and guest spaces.

Ferretti Two Story House Plan

Ferretti-Rear Elevation-Plan #6786

Many people just prefer the look of a two-story home. Higher walls and ceilings, lofts, and lovely stairways can all be part of the architecture of two story house plans. The distinct features of Sater Design’s “Fiorentino” create unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Fiorentino Two Story House Plan

Fiorentino-Front Elevation-Sater Design Collection-#6910

Upon entering the foyer, you are greeted by the elegant curved staircase and rotunda. This luxury home plan also features a dramatic loft that overlooks the dining area. There is also a media room and two guest suites on the second floor.

Fiorentino Stairwell

Fiorentino-Stair Tower-Sater Design Collection-#6910

If your goal is to build a home that lasts from raising children to retirement, a two story house plan may also be the right choice for you. A two-story home provides the space you need for a growing family, but does it fit your lifestyle long term? For flexibility, many two-story home plans offer two master suites. There is one suite on the second floor to be close to the children when they are small, and one on the main floor for the teenage years when more privacy is desired. Having this option also allows you to remain in your home should stairs become an issue later in life.

Two story house plans come in many sizes and architectural styles. The Sater Design Collection of 2-story home plans can be found online or in our library of full-color publications. And be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more home design ideas and inspiration!

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