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What's in a Set of Plans

Every home plan that we create is explained in great detail. We include all the details that we would want in a set of plans if we were building a home for ourselves.

Whats in a Set of Plans you ask? Designing house plans from scratch is what we do, and we know it’s quite a big project for our customers to embark on. Don’t feel overwhelmed when purchasing your house plan! We’re here to break it down for you. First, decide which plan format you want to order. Once you make your purchase, this is what you’ll receive:


Cover Sheet, Index & Site Plan

The cover sheet features an elevation of the exterior of the house that shows approximately how the home will look when built. The index lists the order of the drawings included, with page numbers for easy reference. The site plan is a scaled footprint of the house to help determine how the home will be placed on the building site.

Home Plan Set Cover Sheet


Wall Sections & Notes

This section shows section cuts of the exterior wall from the roof down through the foundation. These wall sections specify the home’s construction and building materials. They also show the number of stories, type of foundation and the construction of the walls. Roofing materials, insulation, floor framing, wall finishes and elevation heights are all shown and referenced.

Home Wall Set


Typical Detail & Notes

This section addresses all the facets and typical details you will want to include in your home, with the exception of local building code requirements. Architectural and structural elements are detailed, including: window and door components, railings, balusters, wood stairs and headers, interior walls, interior partitions, concrete steps and footings (if applicable).

Home Plan Set Typical Details


Foundation Layout Plan

This sheet provides a fully dimensioned and noted foundation layout, including references to footings, pads, and support walls. For plans with a basement, additional walls and columns may be shown. Basement plans come with a floor framing layout which may be included in this section or the floor framing section, depending on the plan.Actual structural information should be obtained by a locally licensed engineer for your specific site location.

Foundation Layout Plan


Detailed Floor Plan

This section provides detailed floor plan drawings and descriptions of all the elements that will be included on each floor of the home. The home’s exterior footprint, openings and interior rooms are carefully dimensioned. Important features are noted including built-ins, niches and appliances. All doors and windows are identified. Typically this section also includes the square footage information.

Home Plan Set Detailed Floor section


Reflected Ceiling Plan

One of Sater home’s most distinguishable features is the highly detailed ceiling treatments. This section shows ceiling heights and treatments. It also shows the details, profiles and finishes of the ceiling treatments. Arches and soffits are also specified in this section.

Homa Plan Set Reflected Ceilings


Floor Framing Plan

Homes with a basement or crawl space will have a floor framing plan for the first floor. Multi-story homes will have floor framing plans for upper floors as well. The floor framing plans provide structural information such as the joist location, spacing and direction, as well as the floor heights and stair openings.

Home Plan Set Floor Framing


Roof Layout

The overall layout and necessary details for roof design are provided in this section. If trusses are used, we suggest using a local truss manufacturer to design your roof trusses to comply with your local codes and regulations. 


Exterior Elevations

Exterior elevations are drawings that show how the finished home will approximately look. In this section, elevations of the front, rear and left and right sides of the home are shown. Exterior materials, details and heights are noted on these drawings.

Home Plan Set Exterior Elevation


Building Section & Details

This section will illustrate the important changes in the floor, ceiling and roof heights or the relationship of different floors to one another. Interior elements of rooms and areas, such as columns, arches, headers and soffits, are also discernible and easier to visualize in a cross section.

Home Plan Set


Interior Elevations

These interior elevations show the specific details and design of the kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, fireplaces, bookcases, built-in units and other special interior features. The interior elevations vary based on the complexity of the home.

Home Plan Set Interior Elevation


Electrical Plan

This section shows an electrical plan that will enhance functionality and highlight the unique architectural features of the home.

Home Plan Set Electrical


Green Solutions Guide (Available Upon Request)

This Green Solutions Guide is designed to help you make decisions about the level of green building you wish to implement in the construction of your new home.

Read the Green-Solutions-Guide online.


What Is Not Included

Each plan is designed to be consistent with the International Residential Code (IRC) in effect at the time the plan was created, but Sater Design Collection does not warrant such conformity. Modifications may be necessary to meet applicable building codes or ordinances. Consult a builder, structural engineer or other construction professional as necessary. Sater Design Collection specifically disclaims any responsibility for ensuring the plans, and/or any house built using the plans, satisfies local or other applicable building codes. Determining and complying with all applicable codes is your responsibility. Heating/air conditioning layouts and plumbing layouts are not included. Manufacturer instructions should be followed for all materials, appliances, and systems. Consult a local mechanical contractor for systems suitable for local climate conditions if required.

Additionally, stock plans do not have a professional stamp attached. If your building department requires one, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer for review and stamping.

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