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Build the Home of Your Dreams

February 18, 2014

Build the Home of Your Dreams

Moving into a new home is a big deal. Not only are you changing your day to day lives, you’re also making a huge financial commitment. With so much riding on your decisions, it’s important to find a house that will suit both your needs and your budget. But you may find yourself wondering what the best way to do that is. Many pre-existing homes have problems or features that simply don’t suit you, and there’s only so much you can fix. On the other hand, you heard that building a home is really expensive. Should you settle for something that doesn’t measure up?

The simple answer is “NO WAY!” Contrary to popular belief, custom homes can be designed to fit many budgets. Building a home using courtyard and cottage house plans is becoming a popular choice for families for the following reasons:

Customized: When building a home from these plans, you are able to make modifications. If you decide that your family requires an extra bathroom, consider it done. Do you need a finished basement or bigger kitchen? Not a problem. Working from plans is a great starting point because it gives your dreams a stepping-stone. When building a home, it’s important to think about how your family lives and what you need in order to accommodate your lifestyle. Simply bring these changes to the designers and they’ll be able to make it happen. Customizing your home means making the house of your dreams, not someone else’s.  

Attention to Detail: Building a home from scratch allows you to pay attention to all the little details. When you buy a home, you’re forced to live with whatever the previous owner chose or spend a whole bunch of time remodeling. This home is yours and only yours, and every decision you make will be reflected in it. From the color of the walls and the balcony design to the elegant tile in the bathroom, you won’t ever have to be dissatisfied with your own abode.

Your Style: Many home styles are pretty particular to the part of the country that they are in. Notice all of those tropical-styled lime and passion fruit colored homes in Miami? How about the adobe in New Mexico? If you really love a specific style of home, you shouldn’t have to move across the country to get it. When building a home, you can use courtyard house plans and cottage house plans to create the design of your dreams

Building your own home from plans is a unique way to get everything on your wish list. With all of the options that you could ever want or need, you should never settle for less!

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