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The Hottest Trends in Luxury Houses: What’s Hot, What’s Not

February 18, 2014

Hottest Trends in Luxury Homes - Sater

Whether you’re looking to buy a luxury home or having one built just for you, it’s always good to know what you can expect to see. Knowing what’s up-and-coming in terms of interior amenities and design is also a great way to get some ideas.

Interestingly enough, over the course of the past year, it seems as though fancy kitchen assets, like brick ovens, are waning in popularity. That said, the attractiveness of more fluid housing plans, with fewer room dividers, is on the rise.

Hottest Trends - Living Room

What’s Hot: Windows

A quick scan of luxury listings will be all the information you need: people are attracted to natural light like moths to a flame. Oversized windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and even ceiling windows – most of which face the ocean or some other breathtaking, natural view – are becoming a top priority for choosy buyers.

Rear Elevation

What’s Hot: Outdoor Space

According to a Real Estate Lab Report, 63% more people are searching for homes with roof decks this year than they were last year. Additionally, 42% more people are hoping their new homes have a terrace. Luckily, designers are giving the people what they want: it’s more and more common to come across Luxury House Plans that put a focus on outdoor living. Not only are broad, expansive verandas readily available, but many designs make it a point to ensure that the outside living area flows seamlessly into the indoors.


What’s Hot: Marble

A not-so-surprising hot, current trend in interior design is marble bathroom elements. Marble bathtubs are becoming widely searched-for, and people are also becoming more likely to search for bathrooms with marble floors. There’s no denying that it’s a desirable feature, since marble is elegant in appearance and easy to clean.


What’s Not: Luxury Cooking

The same report seems to show that fewer and fewer people care whether or not their homes have a BBQ. Similarly, real estate agents who post luxury listings are steering away from mentioning custom cabinetry and appliances in the homes they sell.


What’s Not: Formal Dining Rooms

Now that extremely structured floor plans are giving way to more open, flowing structures, homebuyers don’t seem to be demanding formal dining rooms, formal breakfast areas, or formal parlor areas. It seems as though “luxury” is no longer equated with being “showy,” but rather breezy, relaxed, and laid-back.


Pictured Above: Our modern home plan “Moderno.”




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