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Make it Your Plan

July 21, 2013

Make it Your Plan Blog

What does it require to take a stock plan and make it your plan? It doesn’t always require major modifications in order to make your house plan uniquely yours! Here’s some information that will help you if you are interested in buying one of our floor plans and making changes to it. You may know exactly what you want; have a few pictures, or have nothing more than an idea. Now, how do you turn your dreams into reality?

  1. Make a list of everything you want in your house. Don’t leave anything out. Don’t worry, reality will scale it back soon enough.
  2. Think about how you live. What would make your life more enjoyable in your new house?
  3. Would an extra bath be nice? Would it be better if the kitchen were close to the leisure room?
  4. Would a split plan work better for you and your children?
  5. How big is your lot? The house of your dreams will not do any good if it will not fit on your lot.
  6. How much room do you need or want? It is often easier to picture sizes when you know what you currently have. If you have to, get that measuring tape out and see what you need.

There are many decorating books out there but please build your home for the way you live, not anyone else.

Once you have chosen your house plan, the next step will be to decide what changes you want to make to your “almost perfect” house plan. Don’t think that making huge changes are necessary to make your plan tailored for you.

Do you need to change a front entry garage to a side entry garage? How about changing the ceiling height in your living room? Want to redesign the kitchen to customize it for your family’s needs?

Whether it’s enlarging a kitchen, adding a porch or incorporating a basement, we can customize any plan to make it perfect for your family. Simply create your wish list and let us go to work.

Pictured Above: Our custom home plan “Valli.” Please go to Sater Group, Inc. to see more images.

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