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Some History on Cottages

April 24, 2014

Today, people use cottage house plans to build homes that are modest in size and often have a cozy and inviting vibe. The original cottages were typically located in a rural or semi-rural setting and always seem to possess the perfect balance of style, comfort, and function. Cottages can also be found quaintly adorning the banks of rivers, the edges of lakes, and other bodies of water. They have been in existence for centuries and, although cottages have changed a lot over the years, they still have a lot of things in common with the cottage homes of today. Below is a brief history of this popular style of home.


  • The word “cottage” comes from England, where this small style of home was very common. Many of the first cottages had a ground floor with the bedrooms quaintly fitting within the roof space of the home.
  • During the Middle Ages, this style of home was used to house farmers and their families. The homes at this time were relatively small and sometimes referred to as “huts.”
  • The term cottage denoted the dwelling of a “cotter” or “peasant.”
  • The cottage was later to be described as a home with 4 rooms, two upstairs and two downstairs. This idea has changed dramatically over the years, and cottages today are much larger, though they still boast many of the old-fashioned design elements that made the original so appealing.
  • A cottage style home is often simply considered a holiday home in certain parts of the world, including the United States and Scandinavia.
  • In the United States, cottages are often thought to be summer residences that are typically located near a body of water or resort. Many people escape to their cottages on the weekends or throughout the summer months.

Cottage house plans continue to be popular today because they still provide a relaxing, quaint atmosphere, with the addition of newer, more luxurious amenities. You can create your dream cottage style home by making modifications to any of the home plans from our collection. When considering the floor plans, be sure to take your family’s preferences and lifestyle into consideration. Whether you’re using this house as a vacation home or an everyday home, make it your own by including features that will make the dwelling uniquely yours.

Pictured Above: Our cottage home plan “Mallory Square.”


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