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What Type of House Design Suits your Lifestyle?

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What Type of House Design Suits Your Life Blog by Sater

Are you building a new home? Are you having problems deciding what type of house design suits your lifestyle? Below is a helpful infographic to give you a few ideas.

When having a home built from scratch, you have to think not only about where you want to live, but about your lifestyle needs are. Here are three of our most popular types of house plans. Which one is right for you?

Coastal House Plans

Coastal House Plans are perfect for an easygoing lifestyle. They have open, flowing plans that are great for intimate and interactive living. Big windows allow you to sit back and take in the view. Bonus: They are structurally prepared for the unpredictable coastal elements.

Coastal Home Plans: Megan’s Bay, Les Anges, and Edgewood Trail.

Cottage House Plans 

Cottage House Plans are built for a lifestyle that demands a combination of function, style and comfort. French doors and paneled windows give a light and airy interior. Cottage homes are very versatile – perfect for vacation homes or primary residences. Their expansive vistas make entertaining guests easy and enjoyable.

Cottage Home Plans: Cadenwood, Myrtlewood, and Key Largo.

European House Plans

European House Plans are perfect for close-knit families or hosting frequent guests. They are inspired by the deep roots of European architecture and combine traditional cultural aesthetics with modern elements. They are ideal for lovers of detail because they incorporate intricate ceiling treatments, columns, cabinetry and more.

European Home Plans: Portofino, Wulfert Point, and Ferretti.


Pictured Above: Our Modern home plan “Moderno.”

What Type of House Design Suits your Lifestyle?


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