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Creating the Home of Your Dreams

March 21, 2014

Creating the Home of your Dream


Designing the home of your dreams may be one of the most exciting (and potentially daunting) projects you’ll ever undertake. Despite the fact that you may know what you want, you may not know exactly how to go about getting it. Where do you start? How do you communicate ideas to the people whose job it is to execute your vision? Here are a few tips and ideas to get the creative juices flowing!


Let the sunshine in

Going green with your new home plan can be as easy as relying on the sun for a significant part of your home’s lighting. Energy bills will go way down and there can even be an impact on your heating costs, as abundant natural sunlight can also warm your home. Designing the home to maximize use of energy efficient windows, sliding glass and french doors is an easy and fast way to allow natural light to flow into your new home. And this idea even has the approval of one of history’s greatest innovators! The original Ford motor factory was specifically designed by Henry Ford to be lit almost entirely by the sun. Additionally, the use products such as skylights and solar photovoltaic panels in your roof’s design can have a real and lasting impact on your overall energy costs.


Let your dreams have the floor

The foundation of any new home is the floor plan. Luxury home floor plans can be as varied as your imagination. One design trend that is enjoying a large amount of popularity is the “open” floor plan that casts the main living areas as one continuous open space, with cooking, living, and dining areas situated within the overall area. There are also many plans that blend traditional and contemporary elements, allowing you to enjoy the best of modern style with the comforts of a classic design.



One of the most exciting trends in recent home design is the combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Living rooms that open onto wide patios or an outdoor extension of the dining area are easy ways to incorporate this concept into your overall design. Some creative landscaping can also allow the indoor and outdoor areas of your home to blend seamlessly together. Additionally, there are now numerous heating options (from outdoor fireplaces and in-floor radiant heaters) that can allow your outdoor spaces to be used year round!


In the end, the potential of your new home is only as limited as your imagination! Working with a skilled design professional can turn the home design of your dreams into the place where you’ll actually live. With a little bit of creativity and patience, you’ll soon be living in the home you’ve always wanted. Of course we have many home plans that already embody these trends and features. With over 400 house plans to select from, it is easy to find that perfect home design from our website at saterdesign.com.


Pictured Above: Our modern home plan “Moderno.”


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