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What is a Typical Wall Section? (2 of 11)

March 05, 2015

Typical Wall Section Sheet Explanation

The Typical Wall sheet shows section cuts of the exterior walls from the roof down through the foundation. Imagine if you could cut through a house like a cake and take a look at a cross section of the layers, thats what a wall section is. It shows the structure of the wall with specific indication of materials and measurements. It doesn’t show every wall, it is just a general guide for the builder and the county so they can see how the structure is designed.

These wall sections specify the home’s construction and building materials. The builder is not bound to follow every recommendation noted in the typical wall section but they are the recommendations of the home designer. Things like the type of roofing tile and the finish of the exterior wall can always be changed to satisfy the home owners desire for a specific look. But things like roof pitch and strappings are more important and relate to code and should be followed closely.

Crawlspace Foundation
The typical wall section also shows the number of stories and the type of foundation. The foundation and the grade shown are more for reference than something to follow exactly. Your local code and your lot conditions will determine the exact specifications for your foundation. It is important for you to have your home plans engineered for your specific location. That means a local engineer needs to review the plans and give recommendations for adjustments to make sure the foundation meets local codes and the conditions of the lot.

The Architectural Notes section is a detailed list of recommendations. They cover a wide area of recommendations ranging from notes on Green Building to the slope of the finished grade around the house. These are not rigid rules that must be followed, the home owner and the builder will have the final say over what is best for the specific design and location.Typical Wall Section

An experienced builder will use this Typical Wall Section sheet as a general reference. It will give them all the information they need to understand how the home is meant to be built. The location and lot conditions will undoubtedly force alterations to some of the items shown on this sheet. But the more information a home designer gives a builder the better the finished home will be.

As you get further into the set of plans the details get more and more specific. The next sheet we will delve into is the Foundation Layout Plan sheet.

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