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Foundation Layout Sheet (3 of 11)

March 26, 2015

Foundation Layout Sheet Blog

Every great home design starts with a great foundation. The important thing to remember about the Foundation Layout Sheet is that it is a guide, and it is subject to change before construction. Because we sell house plans all over the world it is impossible for us to design and draw a foundation that will work in every location. At the time our house plans are created they meet or exceed the IBC (International Building Code).  This does not mean they will meet all your specific local codes. For example, foundations for homes in the Northern states need to be constructed to deal with the ground freezing in the winter. However a home built in Arizona will not have to deal with ground freezing. Along with the weather there are soil conditions and drainage requirements that will affect the final structural design of your foundation.

Foundation Layout Sheet

It is important that you or your builder consult a local engineer that is familiar with the local conditions and the local codes. Your home plans will need to be reviewed and more than likely altered to meet local code requirements.

The important information this sheet holds are the dimensions of the foundation and not so much the construction of the foundation. This sheet will have detailed dimensions and notes, along with locations for plumbing and elevation information. For house plans with a basement, additional walls and columns may be shown. Basement plans come with a floor framing layout which may be included in this section or it maybe in the floor framing section, depending on the plan.

So remember, the Foundation Layout Sheet is just that, a layout. The actual structural information should be obtained by a locally licensed engineer for your specific site location.

Now that we have a good foundation under our feet it is time to look at the details of the home plan. Next up in our explanation of a set of plans is the Detailed Floor Plans sheet.


Slab before pourFoundation Slab before pour  Basement Foundation Crawl Space Foundation


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