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Covering the COVER SHEET (1 of 11)

February 26, 2015

Covering the COVER SHEET (1 of 11)

Lets start by talking about the layout of a home plan Cover Sheet. Each and every sheet has what is called a “title block”. The placement, size, and shape of the title block can vary from company to company. This area of the sheet contains important information about the home plan as well as the company that created it. Typically you will see things like copyright information, plan number, creation date, revision date, scale of the drawing, and sheet number.

Our Cover Sheet features an elevation of the exterior of the house that shows approximately how the home will look when built. This can be either a one dimensional drawing or a two dimensional rendering.

Example of a Cover Sheet by Sater

Below the exterior elevation is the name of the plan. Just under the plan name will be the sheet index. The index is like the index of a book, it is a list of all the sheets in the set along with their titles and sheet numbers or letters. There is no standard number of sheets for a home plan set. It depends on the size of the home and the company creating it.

The Cover Sheet also has a footprint of the house. This outline of the footprint of the home is there for you to draw the boundaries of your lot for permitting if so needed.

It is important to note that the best way to make sure your plan will fit on your lot is to use a site plan. A site plan is a scaled survey of your lot, usually it is created in a CAD program. The site plan is then imported into the CAD file for the house plan. The scaled footprint can then be placed on the site plan to make sure it fits within the setbacks and other restrictions of the site. We offer a service that will do this, the cost is typically based on 3 hours of CAD time. Please contact Customer Service at 800-718-7526 during normal business hours to get more information on this service.

Next up in our detailed explanation of a set of home plans is the Wall Sections & Notes sheet.

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