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Why You Should Design a Home in the Springtime

February 07, 2023

Designing and building a home can be a lot of fun, but some variables can make it tricky. The weather and availability of materials can add months to your timeline, which is why you should design a home in the springtime. It’s a wonderful and temperate time of the year, not too hot and humid, and there are many more reasons why springtime is the best time for building!

Better for Interiors

Part of why springtime is perfect for designing your home is that the interior is probably enclosed by the time summer comes. Summer is not your friend when building, and you must start your project early to avoid that summer heat! It’s best to avoid the summer when building any part of your home. But if you start construction early, you can finish the exterior by the time the heat comes and enclose your interior. The interior elements often take longer, so having them enclosed by summer will help the project go by much quicker, and the workers won’t be working directly in the sun.

Finished Before Winter

Starting in the springtime is great for getting work done on the interior away from the summer sun, but it also sets the project up for success before winter arrives. Winter can be a grueling season to work in, especially if you’re in an area with lots of snow and freezing temperatures. You’ll encounter many delays as roads close, workers can’t get to the jobsite, or it’s simply too cold to work. You aren’t guaranteed to finish your home project by the winter if you start in spring, but you have a much better chance if you start earlier.

Deals on Supplies

A financial reason why springtime may be the best time of the year to start designing your home is that you can get great deals on supplies. People often save their building projects for later in the year, so you should be able to capitalize on the end-of-winter sales that many big-box stores have around this time. Contractors may also give you a better rate at this time of the year since fewer projects are happening on their end.

Designing a home in the springtime is the best thing you can do when you want a new home! It’s the best time of year to build and see your home come to life. If you’re unsure about a specific home plan, come to us at Sater Design Collection. We have multiple luxury house plans that are sure to wow you as you watch one of them turn into your home.

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April 17, 2023

I like this house , but with more glass as lot is on River. Want a road front with porch, and a River front….


April 17, 2023

I need to build on a 200’ river front. 2 fronts with porches. 1 story, 3 br, 2.5 ba, 3 car garage,

Anthony charo
Anthony charo

March 10, 2023

you guys are very creative

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