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4 Myths About Ranch-Style Homes Debunked

February 08, 2023

The ranch style has come in and out of popularity in the last 50 years, partly because of some common myths. These myths have perpetuated and given these homes a negative reputation, keeping many potential buyers from finding the house of their dreams. We’ll examine some of the positives of this versatile and efficient housing style as we see four myths about ranch-style homes debunked.

Worried About Maintenance? They’re Easy To Care For

One myth that has persisted for a long time about these homes is that they are high maintenance. Part of this myth probably came about because these homes tend to have extensive yards, but the maintenance myth applies to the whole house, even if it’s untrue. In reality, these homes are a dream, and just like any other home style, you must put in a little work if you want them to thrive.

So much of what people see when they drive by these homes are large yards, and the second you’re not giving them the maintenance they need, you’ll pay for it. Large yards like these can quickly become overrun with weeds and other debris, so it makes sense that some could think that they’re hard to maintain. However, all it needs is a bit of landscaping. If you take care of that and the little maintenance that the interior of the home needs, it will look and feel great!

Another reason that many people continue to think that these house styles are high maintenance is that, for some years, ranch-style homes weren’t made the best. As builders got better and expanded operations, they learned to cut corners and use cheaper materials. This strategy overall led to quality going downhill.

There was a major housing boom in the 1960s, and builders created a lot more ranch-style homes. However, the energy crisis of the 1970s contributed to construction crews and designers taking more shortcuts. Poor-quality construction in this era led to houses that required more maintenance than they otherwise would have needed.

If you’re looking at a ranch-style home built in the last few decades or are considering building your own, you can make them in the right way where maintenance isn’t an issue. Sure, you can still have your grand yards, but if you construct them and your house correctly, the maintenance will be like every other home. However, if you want to do even less maintenance, consider a home with some top-of-the-line appliances and building materials. It will be a steeper investment, but you will save time and money by making your home more energy-efficient and less maintenance intensive.

Shoddy Workmanship Is a Myth: They’re Well-Built

As we mentioned, another myth that has come about since these homes have become popular is that they aren’t as good as others. You can look at the individual building materials and try to come to this determination, but you’ll find that these houses are often as good as their counterparts. As mentioned in the last point, there was an era where these homes weren’t as high-quality as they are today, but you can look at any home style built in this same period and see the same thing.

Every home has a specific set of standards to qualify as a home that people can live in, and modern-day ranch-style ones exceed these standards. Ranch-style houses may look more traditional than Mediterranean or modern luxury houses, but they have so much potential. They have everything you need to turn them from a house into a forever home!

Adding to the myths originating from the shoddy construction of these homes in the 1970s is the myth that they are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. Some kinds of damage people associate with these houses are:

  • Natural disasters
  • Pests
  • Mold
  • Foundation issues

The homes first constructed like this were likely vulnerable to all kinds of damage, but so were many other houses constructed in this era. Since then, architects and designers have learned much more about building materials and construction techniques. The homes created since that point are much sturdier and can stand up against tornadoes and earthquakes much better than their older counterparts. While this myth may continue to exist, it has a limited foundation in reality. Ranch-style homes are strong and can give you the sense of security you need in a home.

No Second Floor Necessary: Ranches Are for Everyone

Another myth about ranch-style homes is that they are for low-income groups only. This myth exists because the standard for a “good home” has turned into one that has multiple levels. Many prospective buyers see anything less than two stories and immediately take the home off their list.

In reality, many people can have ranch-style homes that are even more luxurious than traditional multi-level ones. These homes are spacious and have large yards, something that many homeowners are looking for in their new homes. Another draw to these houses is that there’s a lot of room for customization in their space, so you can add whatever rooms you want, change the layout, and add new windows, among many other things. The potential for customization is endless with these homes, so you can put your dreams and visions onto paper and make them real.

Forget Levittown: Ranches Are Unique

There’s another myth that all ranch-style homes look the same. While part of this myth is true, it’s because money-making ventures led to the boom of ranch-style homes. Builders built what they knew, and they built a lot of them. There were standard formulas, and construction companies would do everything relatively the same way, leading to many similar-looking homes. However, people have made them uniquely in the years since and will continue to do so as long as that’s what prospective homebuyers want.

In addition to people constructing their homes in different ways, they can do a lot more with them after they’ve already built them. These houses are full of potential for customizations, both on the interior and exterior. The base layout may be somewhat similar, but it’s hard to diverge too much from this formula since every home needs:

  • A main bedroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Guest bedrooms

With those requirements, many of these homes will look the same initially. However, once you know the standard formula for these homes, you can better appreciate their uniqueness and eccentricities.

These are some of the most common myths about ranch-style homes debunked, and it’s clear to see that they are a lot better than their reputation has let on. When thinking about your next house, don’t immediately cut out ranch-style homes because of what you’ve heard. Instead, move them to the top of your list and look for some ranch-style home floor plans if you’re thinking about building! At Sater Design Collections, we have some wonderful floor plans that will be perfect for your next forever home!

4 Myths About Ranch-Style Homes Debunked

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