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Why Concrete Homes Are Popular Among Home Designers

February 06, 2023

When you want to build a home for yourself, you want it to stand out, be pretty, and have strong defenses against harsh weather. People choose to use many building materials for their homes, but concrete has stood out in recent years. Concrete homes are popular among home designers, and they’re only becoming more popular as more and more people see this material’s natural advantages.

Durable and Long Lasting

One of the major reasons that concrete homes have become so popular among home designers is that they’re high in quality and long lasting. There’s a notion that concrete isn’t a great building material and that if some extreme weather rolls through, the concrete will disintegrate and provide no protection at all. In reality, concrete is one of the more durable building materials and is incredibly resistant to natural disasters, both big and small. Concrete homes can stand for centuries, outlasting wood- and steel-frame homes. Even more unconventional weather events like fires are much less effective.

Concrete is also non-biodegradable. Over time, other materials like wood will naturally decay and rot. Pests like termites will also cause damage to these homes. With concrete, this isn’t an issue. Concrete homes can last for centuries with minimal negative environmental impact.

Environmentally Sound

Non-biodegradable doesn’t sound the most environmentally friendly, but it doesn’t mean these homes will sit in landfills forever. Rather, if there’s a need to tear one down, designers could recycle the concrete and use it for their next home project. In addition to being recyclable, concrete homes are incredibly environmentally friendly. They use very little energy and water in their construction.

Also, after the designers have built the home, you don’t need to use much energy. Concrete homes have high thermal resistance, meaning it’s difficult for air and heat to escape or enter the home. You won’t need to pump your HVAC system for nearly as long to achieve the desired temperature, and it’ll remain at your desired temperature for longer too.

Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

Designers also like these homes a lot because they’re so durable and long lasting that they need far fewer repairs than other houses. Without any pests or rot coming in to damage the structure, you can rest easier for much of the year. Of course, you’ll still need to repair any minor cracks you may find and regularly clean them to remove dust and dirt, but that’s standard in any home.

Concrete homes are especially popular among home designers. There’s a lot to love about these houses, and they’re also very flexible. You can use different kinds of concrete to build a home, which is why, at Sater Design Collection, we have many concrete house plans for you. So work with us to make the concrete home that’ll be perfect for your family!

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