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What To Look For in a Ranch-Style House Plan

August 08, 2022

The ranch-style home has been one of the most popular homes in America for a long time, and while it came out of fashion in the 70s and 80s, it has slowly risen to prominence again. People love these homes’ open floor plans and casual elegance and want their next homes to be ranch styles. Read on to know what to look for in a ranch-style house plan when building your next home.

Open Floor Plan

While ranch-style homes can come in many different shapes and sizes nowadays, the open floor plan is one of the most prominent features you will see with the style. They are open concept, with minimal walls serving as barriers between the different spaces in the home. This layout creates strong geometric lines throughout the house while providing a wonderful space for homeowners and guests to freely move and do whatever their hearts desire.

The Exteriors

As mentioned previously, many of these homes can share the same stylistic elements and layout, but there is infinite room for customization within them. One of those areas for customization is the exterior, but everything needs to look and feel cohesive at the end of the day. Many ranch-style homes try to create cohesion between indoor and outdoor spaces. The best way to do this is by having large windows, sliding doors to the back of the home, overhanging eaves, and a low-pitched roofline. These features are easy to maintain and repair, adding to the charm of ranch-style homes.

The Coziness

While ranch-style homes are spacious and place great importance on indoor and outdoor cohesion, these spaces are also cozy. Simplistic design elements make up much of the house and give it a storybook-like charm. For example, you can have exposed rafters, ornamental trim, and other decorative elements that make the space feel homely and natural, rather than feeling like you’re stepping into a catalog. These homes are also customizable, meaning you can add the cozy and charming elements that you desire into your space, making it uniquely your own.

Now that you know what to look for in a ranch-style house plan, you can begin the process of building your own home. However, you still need to find the right plan that works for you. At Sater Design Collection, we offer a variety of small ranch-style house plans that provide the casual elegance that the style has become known for. We have over 40 years of designing various blueprints that can help make your dreams a reality, so consider Sater Design Collection today.

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