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What To Look for in a Modern-Style Home Floor Plan

August 04, 2022

Finding a home is always a significant challenge. Many personal factors dictate if the house fits your needs and wants, such as its location, aesthetic, and size. With that said, because there are so many variables, many opt to build their own homes. Additionally, many people integrate modern home styles because of their clean look and feel. Read on to learn more about modern-style home floor plans and what to look for to guarantee your new space is right for you.

Neutral Colors

A neutral color palette is one of the most important things to look for when shopping around for modern-style homes. No one claims that bright and extreme colors have absolutely no place in a modern-style home, but (for the most part) they are not true to the style’s intent. These homes typically come in neutral colors. Since modern homes emphasize simplicity, natural tones help create this effect. Natural stone and concrete in whites and grays reinforce the idea of simplicity. Without these colors, the calming feeling of the home would be gone in favor of extreme color choices that are more alienating.

Again, the fact that neutral colors are a primary element of this style does not mean that other colors have no place. Another way to look at it is that the natural grays and whites are a color foundation for the home that you can expand upon. The natural tones evoke calming feelings, and you can still add your own personal flourishes here and there. Be careful, though, as it is easy to go overboard and overwhelm the calming and natural tones with an excess of color and decoration.

Smart Features

People often give out the title of modern-style homes because of how a home looks and feels, but many more factors are at play in determining whether a home is up to date or not. One of those factors is the use of smart home technology. A home can architecturally fit the modern style, but it won’t be a true modern-style home unless it looks like one and has all of the inner workings as well.

Some standard smart features that you can find in modern homes are fully automated control systems. Part of what makes these homes so “smart” is that you can control almost everything from your smartphone. For example, you could set your thermostat through your phone so that the home cools before you arrive. Alternatively, you can create routines, so when you get home from work, the lights are on, the garage door is open, music is playing, and the thermostat cools your home to your schedule.

These routines are one of the most wonderful features of modern-style homes, and we are just reaching the beginning of what they are capable of. For many homeowners, these smart devices are necessary for keeping their homes secure. For example, you can install doorbell cameras to monitor who’s potentially coming in and out of the house. In addition, many families will create routines with their smart devices when vacationing. This way, the security system is armed, and lights and TVs can turn on to give off the illusion that people are still in the home.

Simple and Clean

An outstanding feature of modern-style homes that is difficult to see in other styles is the emphasis on clean and simple decorations. Different home styles have a lot of ornamentation and specific elements that add character to the home, but this deluge of objects can easily become overwhelming. A solution to all this is the simple and clean living that modern-style homes are known for. These homes instill a casual and relaxed feeling in homeowners in various ways.

Previous styles of homes placed great importance on ornamentation and opulence. You could see this practice in many other home styles where there would be arches, columns, and an overall texture to everything. However, architects place great importance on clean lines and strong horizontal and vertical features nowadays. This strategy simplifies the home and creates a stronger feeling of cleanliness and function.

Open and Airy

One of the other features to look out for in modern-style home floor plans is, unsurprisingly, the floor plan. For a modern-style home to feel welcoming and well-constructed, it needs a more open floor plan for the space to feel complete. Large windows can also bring in a lot of natural light. To capitalize on this light, the house needs to be spacious, with very few walls or obstacles getting in the way.

These open-concept plans, in addition to allowing more natural light, are incredibly easy to live in. Spaces are very functional in an open-concept plan and are ripe for adaptation and customization, as you can move around various elements to fit your current seasonal vision. You can also use your spaces for anything and everything. For example, the big living room can serve as a welcoming area, an entertainment area, a children’s play area, or even a makeshift dining room when you have lots of guests.

Outdoor Living

Other elements that make these homes so unique are the outdoor living spaces. Patios, decks, and balconies add to the overall feel and functionality of any modern house. They serve as beautiful additions for entertaining outdoors and bring a whole new dimension to the look of the home. Much like the interior, they can be very simple with a few chairs or even a fire pit under a pergola with some dark-colored beams to add dimension. An up-to-date look is also about convenience and ease, and nothing is quite as relaxing as a stylish deck or patio.

Modern-style home floor plans are incredible ways to build and stylize your home. There is so much simplicity that it is easy to live in and maintain, but this space can also work as a blank canvas for you to customize and meet your needs. At Sater Design Collection, we can help you find the perfect modern house blueprints so that you can quickly and easily make the home of your dreams a reality!

What To Look for in a Modern-Style Home Floor Plan

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