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The Characteristics of Mediterranean House Plans

August 08, 2022

Mediterranean home styles are one of the most exciting and comfortable styles that more and more people embrace yearly. Many other home styles have pros and cons, but it seems there are many more positives with the Mediterranean style. Read on to learn about some characteristics of Mediterranean house plans and why more people are choosing this style every year.

Intricate Design Elements

One of the most compelling elements of the Mediterranean home is its intricate details. These homes are full of design elements from front to back, including barrel-tile roofs, terracotta tiled courtyards, arched windows, and sliding doors. In addition to these details, Mediterranean homes come equipped with stucco walls, open floor plans, high ceilings, wooden shutters, tiled floors, and bountiful balconies. You can't turn a corner in one of these homes without seeing some unique designs that give it its notable charm.

Outdoor Areas

Another characteristic of Mediterranean homes that imbue them with intrigue is the emphasis on the outdoors. Closeness to nature is almost as important as the interior property. There is great importance placed on indoor-outdoor living, and as a result, most Mediterranean homes have terraces, balconies, courtyards, or gardens. Some even have a swimming pool! A lot of these outdoor spaces have shaded seating areas, low-maintenance gardens, flowers, and topiary hedges. These are general characteristics of larger Mediterranean homes, but even the smaller ones have a courtyard and garden to give character to the space.

The Diversity

Because the Mediterranean is so vast, the multiple styles of Mediterranean homes all have unique advantages. You will often see the Italian Renaissance style with characteristic columns and arches. The Spanish Revival home is also common and sports simple, clean lines under a low-pitch roof. Modern interpretations of the Mediterranean style recently appeared that combine these two and give them a modern twist.

Many modern Mediterranean homes will come with top-of-the-line amenities, such as spa-like baths, elaborate kitchens, and seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor areas.

There is much to appreciate about the characteristics of Mediterranean house plans; hopefully, this list can help show some off. There are many Mediterranean homes on the market, but if you truly want to experience Mediterranean home life, consider checking out one of Sater Design Collection's Mediterranean mansion floor plans. We have multiple plans and styles that can fit your particular vision of luxury living!

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