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The Ultimate Home Exercise Room

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

Ultimate Home Exercise Room

Keeping that New Year's resolution to get in shape can be easier than ever with a home exercise room. Pinterest is loaded with ideas large and small to transform a room in your home to the ultimate workout space. But what if that extra room is what you need first?

Many of the house plans in the Sater Design Collection have that extra "flex" space designed for the ultimate home exercise room or hobby space. For example, our "Lexington" luxury Farmhouse plan has a bonus room with 9' ceilings and skylights. This provides abundant light and the height needed for exercise equipment and more.

Lexington-Front Elevation-Plan #7065


Another choice is a home plan with an island basement that provides even more space for recreation. The "Tuckertown Way" house plan is a Cottage-style home with dramatic Southern coastal style. With French doors opening to the downstairs veranda, there is also easy access to the backyard for outdoor activities.

Tuckertown Way-Front Elev Rendering-Plan6692

Is this the year you've resolved to build your ideal home? Whether it includes the ultimate home exercise room, media room, or just space to suit your unique needs, let Sater Design help you with the process. With hundreds of pre-drawn house plans, as well as the option for a custom home plan by The Sater Group, we have the designs that have created dream homes for over 30 years. Questions? We are here to help!


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