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French Country Home Plans

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

French Country Home Plans

French Country Home Plans are just one of many styles in the Sater Design Collection. What defines French Country? Here are just some of the features that you’ll see in our collection of these popular house plans:

Stone-accented facades

Steeply pitched slate roofs

Rusticated shutters

Square columns

Large Porches

With design roots in homes dotting the French countryside, French Country Home Plans reflect exterior elements that create a sophisticated, yet rustic curb appeal. Inside, these house plans feature the charm and style of an age-old French home, but offer all the modern amenities and features. Take for instance the large and lovely “Bellamy” home plan.

Bellamy-Front Elevation-Plan #8018

An outstanding feature of this home plan is the turret stair tower with loft space above. The four bedrooms and three and one half bathrooms, plus the unique and stylish layout, make this house plan a family favorite.



Looking for a home with a smaller footprint? French Country design is not just found in large chateaus. Our Farmhouse home plan, “Chantel”, ideally reflects the distinctive architectural elements of French Country design, with 1822 square feet of living space.


Chantel-Front Elevation-Plan #7011


Looking for more French Country style? Our full online catalog of French Country Home Plans is available at your fingertips! Many home plan designs are featured as well in Dan Sater's Ultimate European Home Plans Collection, available in our bookstore



Also, check out our Pinterest boards for more French Country home plans, as well as for exterior and interior design inspiration for your home!

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