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Spaces Can Make You Relax

November 16, 2017

Spaces can make you relax

Everyone has been there. That public building, that office, that apartment, a space that makes you feel uneasy. Most people can’t put their finger on it. It can be hard to express the way a space makes you feel. Like a space or hate a space, we are all affected by the structures around us.

I’ve spent over 35 years designing houses and I can go on and on about the technical aspects of a properly designed home. But the most important skill I’ve learned about house design is how to make a space feel relaxing.

Living areas that are relaxing

This is not a skill that I can totally describe in words. It takes years of trial and error. It takes designing and building houses to learn it. Without actually walking through a space that you have designed, it is almost impossible to understand how to translate line drawings into a relaxing livable home.

Many new, and some older designers, can design a home that looks good on paper. But more often then not the finished product, the built home, lacks the indescribable quality that evokes the feeling a home owner was looking for.

relaxing in a Florida Room

I live in my own designs. So I am not just spewing marketing spiel. I also listen to my customers and what they tell me about their new homes. The most frequent, and in my opinion, most important trait they tell me about their new home is how relaxing it is to live in.

relax in your outdoor living spaces

The world is filled with spaces that make us uncomfortable. Your new home should not be one of them. Please take advantage of the years I have spent designing spaces that will relax you.


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