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You Need a Cabana

November 25, 2017

Cabana - what you need in your home

You need a cabin by the pool. That is what a cabana is - it is from the Spanish word cabaña which means cabin. And the time to build one is when you build your new home. Adding a cabana expands your living area, adds privacy, adds shade, but most importantly it can turn you home into your very own luxury retreat.

Cabana a house without one is not relaxing

Some people build their homes and then a few years down the road they save up enough to build a small hut with a thatched roof next to the pool. That is fine. But when you are building a new home the time to add a cabana is now.

Beyond the financials, which are far better to roll the cost of the cabana into the main loan, there is the opportunity you have. The perfect time to add the cabana is when the plumbing and electrical is being installed. 

You Need a Cabana

Being able to grab some shade next to the pool is nice. But if you could also relax under a ceiling fan, grab a cold drink from the fridge and watch the game (or Netflix), now that is living.

When you install an outdoor kitchen you then have a true outdoor living space. With all the amenities of a full kitchen like a sink, dishwasher, gas grill and plenty of counter space you will be cooking all your weekend meals outside.

More elaborate cabanas can incorporate gas powered fire pits and room enough for entertaining or formal dining. It all depends on your imagination.

Just sticking a cabana onto any old plan is not the way to go. In order for the cabana to really work with the flow of the home it needs to be designed into the original home plan. When the outdoor space is taken into consideration from the start, it will feel more like a natural extension of the home.

A luxury home with a large cabana by the pool

Lawns and gardens are very nice to look at, but a backyard filled with plants is not using that space very well. They need lots of time to maintain, lots of equipment to maintain them, and realistically what time you do spend there will be work time, not relaxing time.

Maximizing the backyard space with a pool and a cabana will have you using and relaxing in your backyard, not working in it. This is why you need a cabana, because you deserve to relax.

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