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Change Your Home, Change Your Lifestyle

November 09, 2017

Opne Floor Plans Change Your Life

Your living environment affects your lifestyle. Trying to force a lifestyle into a living space that doesn’t support it is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. If you want to make a change, or live a certain way, your living space has to reflect that.

Everyone wants to be more relaxed, happy, healthy, and feel safe. The most basic thing that affects those emotions is where and how you live. You can’t expect to live the kind of life you want if where you live is at odds with it.

opne floor plans are better for you

Open House Plans Affect the Family

We design lots of house plans with open floor plans. Not just because it is popular but because it affects the way people live. Open floor plans generate a sense of freedom, while at the same time emphasize the importance of togetherness.

Shared spaces and good flowing design encourages people and families to appreciate each others company. Of course a good design will also have plenty of space for privacy.

When that open floor plan is coupled with features like a Florida room, it helps connect you and your family to the outdoors. A home should not cut you off from the outdoors, isolating you from where you live. It should blend seamlessly into your property and your neighborhood.

open floor plans are healthy

Open Floor Plans Affect Your Health

Having a house that brings the outdoors inside doesn’t just mean lounging by the pool or sitting around a fire pit at night, although those things are super relaxing activities. A house plan can effect how active you are.

Being more connected to the outdoors also brings health benefits. It encourages healthier lifestyle choices. Swimming, biking, or going for walks seem like more natural activities when your home is more connected to the outdoors.

When you are looking for a house plan think about your lifestyle. Think about how you’d  like to change your lifestyle. And think about which house plan will best fit into that type of life you’d like to live.

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