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Make Your New Home Safe

November 02, 2017

Make your new home safe

Hurricane Irma hit us hard. The eye-wall came right over our office and house. The winds blew over 130 MPH. As a home designer, I knew what the homes in this area were going to face. I also knew what it was going to take to make it through the storm.

There was a surprise after hurricane Irma passed through Florida. Overall, the damage to residential homes was far less than what was anticipated. The major damage was done to the power grids and the infrastructure.

The reason homes in this area did so well goes back to 1992 and hurricane Andrew. When that storm blew through Florida it destroyed thousands of homes. It did over $26.5 billion in damage. After the storm, engineers, architects and home designers took a hard look at how homes were built.

They took this information and created new building codes. This made roofs, walls and even foundations stronger. It gave them the ability to withstand stronger storms.

Safety Goes Beyond the Design and Codes

It's not all in the building code either. We recommend Andersen windows and have done so for over 2 decades because they are the best. Beyond their quality and beauty, they are strong. We had many customers whether the storm without putting up hurricane shutters, thanks to the strength of Andersen windows.

Why You Need House Plans Engineered

This storm also illustrates why it is so important to have your home plan checked by an engineer that knows the local codes. Our industry works with local governments to insure people’s homes are safe. We can’t possibly design a structure or roof that would meet every community's unique needs.

All our plans are designed to meet International Residential Codes. But it is vitally important to have your plan checked to make sure it meets your local code requirements. This is a matter of safety as much as it is a matter of regulation.

One of the benefits of being a home designer and selling house plans is knowing a family will call that structure home. It will be a safe place for them to grow and build memories. We pride ourselves here at Sater Design Collection in selling the best, safest house plans we know how to make.

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