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Innovative Building Materials for a Luxury Custom House

February 02, 2022

The materials you use will be the deciding factor between whether a home is considered luxury or not. Although other pieces, like large open spaces, gorgeous high ceilings, and copious amounts of natural light, can make a room seem luxurious at first blush, the true luxury comes from the materials built into it.

These are the best innovative materials that can inspire luxury in your property and why they matter.

Why Some Materials Create Luxury

Luxury doesn't just come from expense. Although pricier things are faster to be considered a luxury, the true sensation comes from how well they're made, how long they'll last, and how attractive they are. Items that fulfill this trifecta are considered a luxury because they create an iconic look that's well-thought-out and made to last.

When looking for building materials, ensure that they fit your standards, not just your budget.

Beautiful Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding has been making a huge comeback in style. Not only is it a significantly different look than many luxury homes have attempted in recent years, but it also ensures that the joints between each plank are protected to avoid leaks and keep the insulation safe.

When paired with vertical house siding options, you're able to create a home that's extremely well insulated, safe from the weather and wet, and has a look that others will be stunned by. Of course, the color and texture of your siding are entirely up to you but don't be afraid to take an inspired approach.

Opening Glass Walls

 Sater Design - Moderno House Plan

Natural light has been one of the most important parts of home design in the last ten years. We want to welcome the world into our homes and allow nature to be on full display whenever we want to see it. Unfortunately, many glass walls that luxury homes have are useful only as windows.

Opening glass walls allow you to close that small final gap between the indoors and out and walk directly out through that wall to enjoy the outdoors. These can also function as opening windows and can be laid out in pleasing and unique patterns. 

Make sure that your placement of these walls is well planned out, facing the greenest portion of your property and walking out into an area that you'll want to spend time in. Although the looks matter, functionality is still important for each part of your property.

Gorgeous Terracotta Roofs 

Sater Design - Atreyu House Plan

Terracotta roofs are back in style, and nobody can deny how gorgeous they are.  Not only does aterracotta roof last over a hundred years if well maintained, but they're also extraordinarily unique looking. Whether you get them in their classic red-orange color, or you go for more creative colors, you can ensure that they will suit your home and look fantastic.

Since they're durable and offer insulation and weather resistance, this ensures that your luxury home can have a roof that looks amazing and doesn't have to be worried about. The maintenance they need is minor, simply keeping them clear of debris and leaves, which is something you'd do with any roof anyways!

Clever Industrial Metal Accents

Sater Design - Valhalla house plan

Metal has always caught the eye of people. From people's struggles to gain gold to the beautiful jewelry we still wear to this day: metal is something that we've always been attracted to. Unfortunately, in many real estates, metal has been seen as unfinished or an eyesore, but things are changing.

Industrial luxury gives modern and contemporary homes the chance to catch eyes and looks best as accents. That could mean copper details around the window, paneling instead of vinyl, or aluminum that doesn't form a patina the way copper does. As a result, you can create a unique and gorgeous home that shines in the sun and is the most eye-catching area.

High-End Foundation to Build Upon

Your home should be incredible from the foundation up. The foundation of a home should be made of a strong material that ensures the house is held in place despite storms, tornadoes, or earthquakes, yet should also give you the chance to continue your home how you wish.

The main house foundation types are full or daylight basements, crawlspaces, or concrete slabs, and regardless of which you pick, you should choose a concrete-type foundation to build it. Bio-concrete has recently become popular because of its way of reforming itself if there are any cracks or erosion. Although this isn't incredibly common yet, it's quickly gaining steam in the housing industry.

Luxury Comes From All Parts of a Property 


From the fantastic foundation to gorgeous metal accents, your home's luxury entirely depends on what materials are built into it and how the property comes together. With a keen eye for detail and excellent materials, you can create the luxury home of anyone's dreams.


Roger Marx is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and home renovation. Roger is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value and improve sustainability.

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