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5 Reasons Why You Need A Home Office

February 09, 2021

In the past, home offices were a luxury house feature that many people would love to have in their homes but didn’t necessarily need. A quiet space to focus on work, store and organize important paperwork, or read without interruptions, the home office has been long sought-after and much loved by those who had them. This past year has drastically changed the way we work and learn, requiring us to adjust to new ways of working in a short amount of time. Now more than ever, here are five reasons you need a home office in your home:

1. Remote Work: The New Normal

Due to unforeseen changes in the world out of our control, many people have found themselves being forced into shifting to remote work. This sudden change was difficult for countless people to adjust to, with many not having any dedicated space to call their work area. Having access to a home office is, for most remote workers, a necessity now and for the future. If you are being asked to work from home, you need a proper office setup so you can work effectively and maintain productivity. This is not just limited to having appropriate desk space, power outlets and office storage but having a suitable space for online meetings with colleagues and clients. Whilst it may be tricky to maintain your usual levels of professionalism in your home environment, having a home office will create a private area that you can call your work space now and into the future.

2. Dedicated Study

Another affect that recent events have caused for families across the country is that many young people are finding themselves switching to remote learning and online classes. Home offices can also be used as excellent remote learning spaces too, where children can easily hear their teacher’s lessons, have a quiet space to respond and not be distracted by whatever else is going on in the home. You may also find the home office space perfect for taking online courses and qualifications, completing homework from an evening class you’re taking or just getting paperwork completed where it won’t get lost or have someone’s dinner spilled on it.

3. A Quiet Place

Most home offices or studies are located in a part of the home that experiences less domestic commotion and traffic, creating an area that is free from the noise and distractions of home life. Having a peaceful, focused space in the home is fundamental for so many aspects of our life - remote work and study, important reading or paperwork that needs your undivided attention. Knowing there is a place you can go to within your home that will offer quiet sanctuary that is free from other disturbances is priceless. No more claiming a corner of your kitchen island to sort the mail or clearing away desk space on your computer table for a place to work around the hustle and bustle of family life - you will always have a place to go to that offers silence in your home office.

4. The Work / Life Balance

For those finding themselves spending most of their time working from home and then spending their free time there, creating a physical distinction between professional work space and domestic family space is really important. Your home office should be the place you go to work during the day but be able to close the door once you’re done and spend time with your family in the evening. This is vital in maintaining a healthy work/life balance which is more important than ever in recent months. It’s also important to create boundaries within the home, where your office is off-limits to children and curious pets, knowing your space will be uninterrupted and exactly as you left it.

5. Working Towards The Future

Home offices having always been popular and are quickly becoming even more desirable as more of us are finding ourselves shifting to permanent remote work. Choosing a house plan with a home office will greatly boost resale value should you ever decide to sell up and move on. Many potential house buyers will be looking for homes that offer the functionality of a dedicated home office or study space. Not only will having a home office invest in your career long-term, but also your future as your house will get a financial boost from offering this increasingly popular feature.

Here at Sater Design, we offer an incredible range of house plans across many award-winning and popular styles that feature a home office or study. Why not take a browse through our home plans and discover the home office solution that is right for you?

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