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One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes: Which Is Best for You?

April 01, 2022

One-story and two-story homes are both lovely and have numerous benefits. Therefore, it can be challenging to choose between them. Many factors can influence your decision, such as your personal preferences, lifestyle, site conditions, and needs. Here’s a comparison between one-story vs. two-story homes to help you decide which is best for you.

Different Styles

Both our two-story and one-story home plans at Sater Design Collection are beautiful and luxurious, and they come in many styles and sizes. Some people believe that one-story homes are not as impressive or elegant as two-story homes. But this is simply not true. While two-story homes are gorgeous and impressive, one-story homes can also look just as grand and stunning. Just look at some of our home plans to see for yourself.

Type of Lifestyle

One of the most important factors to consider when comparing one-story vs. two-story homes and determining which is best for you is your lifestyle. If you have a very large and active family, you may need the additional space that a two-story home can provide. However, if you have a smaller family and a more peaceful lifestyle, then a one-story home may be the cozier option.

Personal Preferences

You should always take your personal preferences into account when choosing a home. For instance, if you dislike or have difficulty going up flights of stairs, then a one-story home will be your best option. However, if you prefer a home with spectacular views, then a two-story home is the one for you. It all depends on you!

Site Conditions

A major determinant of which best suits will be the property itself. If it is a smaller lot you may be forced to select a two-story home design to accommodate your square footage. Also, if the lot has a slope or irregular shape, you may be better suited to go with one or the other.

Closing Thoughts

So is a two-story home better than a one-story, or vice versa? The answer is that it depends on you! If you aren’t sure what type of home you prefer, you can always look at our house plans on our website. You’ll find plenty of stunning, elegant, and luxurious one-story and two-story home plans on our website. Find your dream home at Sater Design Collection today.

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