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How to Modify A House Plan Video

June 06, 2019


Modifying a stock house plans can be a bit mystifying if you have never done it before. In this video we go over the basics of how the process works. We also cover some common questions and we attempt to de-mystify the process for you.

Here are the basic steps for modifying a stock plan.

Picking a Plan:

It all starts with a plan you like but want to make changes to. It is best that you organize your thoughts and come up with a detailed list of what you would like to change. It is good to group things into "wants" and "needs". This will help you focus on the things that are most important to you.

Request an Estimate:

There is a online form to fill out to request an estimate. The cost covers our time to review your requests and see if the plan can be modified to your requests. Sometimes structural limitations can stand in the way of your ideas.

We will look over your request and work up an estimate for the time it will take. If we have any questions concerning your request, we will call or email you. Then we will create a detailed proposal.

Review the Estimate:

This step involves you going over the estimate. This is where the "wants" and the "needs" come into play. The cost of modifying a plan can get expensive. It is not unusual to have a modification fee that is two or three times the cost of the plan itself. This is because the estimate is based on time. The larger and more complicated the modification, the more time it will take.

You may end up eliminating a change here and there to end up with a modification that falls within your budget. We will always do our best to suggest ways to get the plan just the way you want it while trying to stay within budget.

Acceptance and Payment:

Once you have reviewed the modification proposal and approved the cost, the project can move forward. The next step will be for you to purchase the plan itself and put a deposit down on the modification. We will then enter your project into our production process.

We will begin working on the preliminary drawings, which typically includes the floor plans and elevations. This gives you a chance to review the drawings before you make the final payment. Once the preliminary drawings are approved and the final payment is made, we continue working on the plans. The preliminary drawings only include a few parts of the entire plan set. After the final payment is made, we will then make your modifications to the entire set of drawings. 

The video includes more information than I have included here. We hope you have found this article and the video helpful. Please note that it is not necessary to come in for a physical meeting. We complete modifications for customers all over the world through phone calls and emails. If you do have more question please contact us. We are eager to share our knowledge with you.

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