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The Art of Glass & Light

June 01, 2019

Seth Parks Designs - Custom Hand Blown Glass Lighting Fixtures

Seth Parks is an artist based in California who creates uniquely beautiful lighting using glass, color and light. Parks’ has been working with glass blowing since 2003, combining his skill and craftsmanship with his love of nature from growing up on a tree farm in Maine.

Seth Parks Designs, Aquatico Breaking Waves lighting fixture

Inspired by the natural world, Parks’ work reflects elements of the ocean, the organic curvature of flowers or the exotic appearance of a sea creature. Each piece he makes captures the ebb and flow of natural movement, balancing light and shadow between them.

Seth Parks Aquatico over table

You can almost hear the sound of waves washing overhead from the Aquatico Chandelier. Deep blue merges with sea green, creating an eye-catching design that alludes to the crashing of waves and the rolling of tides. Small lights, like the twinkling reflections on the surf are perfectly placed within this piece to create a stunning chandelier that would be a striking focal point to a spacious open-plan room.

Seth Parks Designs Anemone sconce

As if placing the sun itself upon your wall, this Anemone Sconce is sure to bring a warm and radiant light to any room it is in. The sunlit sky and the deep ocean meet in this piece, with azure touches at the ends of selected arms, finishing this bold and vibrant work. Bring the sunshine indoors to a hallway or entry, illuminating your home with this bright and brilliant sconce.

Seth Parks custom blown glass pendant lights

The soft glow of this simple piece emphases it’s delicate and elegant form. Available in clear frosted glass resembling a rare pearl or clear seeded glass like a frozen raindrop, this pendant provides gentle lighting with exquisite grace. A perfect addition to an intimate dining area, the Astrotto Pendant will set the ideal mood for entertaining your guests.

Seth Parks Designs 4 examples of his custom blown glass lighting fixtures

From elaborate chandeliers, the simplicity of a pendant or a sconce that is sure to become a talking point, Seth Parks offers a collection of lighting perfectly blending art, style and function. If you’re interested in lighting up your home with a piece of art by Seth Parks or would like further information, please visit his website.

You can also visit Seth Parks Designs - Water Wind Fire Collection online catalog:

 Seth Parks Online Catalog of Glown Glass lighting fixtures

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