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Summer’s Here! Outdoors Living with Suncoast Furniture

June 20, 2019


Suncoast Furniture is a family owned outdoor furniture company that has grown from humble beginnings in 1982 to the much larger business they are today. With a deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Suncoast Furniture designs and manufactures beautiful outdoor furniture built especially for enduring the elements and being as comfortable and as stylish as possible.

Suncoast Furniture understands that seating must first and foremost offer comfort, which is why their collections are designed with this in mind. Comfortable strap spacing, ergonomic lumbar and shoulder support and firm, functional cushions give customers peace of mind that their furniture will be satisfyingly snug for years to come.

Offering an elegant collection of beautiful furniture styles with a huge range of customization options, Suncoast Furniture provides many stunning colors, fabrics, trims and finishes that will provide the perfect seating and table arrangement for your outdoor living space.

During the construction of their products, Suncoast Furniture has carefully selected modern materials to ensure longevity and durability against the weather. They incorporate components especially designed to withstand rust, mildew and wear, as well as make use of tough aluminum frames and special manufacturing techniques for added endurance. They use an exclusive Platinum Bond™ finish, consisting of two coatings of polyester powder which will not rust or peel and is three times thicker than paint, offering far more durability.

Summer Collection outdoor furniture

The Summer Collection proves that your favorite designs of indoor furniture can be made available as outdoor pieces - perfect for the warmer seasons when we want to be outside as much as we can! Large sofas for relaxed outdoor get-togethers, interchangeable sections for surrounding your pool or smooth, angular tables for functionality and contrast. Whatever color combination or pattern selection you want, each piece can be curated to suit your taste whilst offering the high-standard of long-lasting, tough-wearing materials Suncoast Furniture offers for all their pieces.

Kona Wicker Collection

The Kona Wicker collection takes a classic, well-loved material for outdoor furniture and redesigns it into cosy, inviting pieces using modern techniques and components. Resin wicker is hand woven around aluminum frames, providing exceptional durability to outdoor exposure. Tempered glass provides a tough surface to their selection of tables, from coffee tables for relaxing in the heat to dining tables for fun summer parties. Seating cushions can be customized from a range of solid colors to patterned fabrics, and filled with an UltraFill foam cushion enveloped in water-resistant fabric for ultimate, long-lasting comfort.

Windsor Collection outdoor furniture

The Windsor Collection offers contemporary filagree designs with this range of cast aluminum furniture featuring their own Platinum Bond™ finish. Elegant and timeless, this range can be perfectly complimented with soft upholstery options made from weather-resilient materials. Specially designed mechanisms ensure the Windor’s swivel chairs can be smoothly rotated, without the fear of rust or wear, meaning you can enjoy these pieces for many seasons to come.

radiant linear wicker collection

The Radiant Linear Wicker collection is a bold, statement range showcasing Suncoast Furniture’s innovative, artistic design. Black resin wicker contrasts with solid outdoor fabrics available in a range of vibrant colors. This modular collection can be arranged into whatever configuration you like, but one thing is for sure - these pieces will surely become the deserved focal point of your outdoor living space.

These pieces highlight just a small amount of the exceptional collections Suncoast Furniture offers, many featuring extensive customization options and designed with comfort and durability at their core. Chic seating options that can be configured to your choice, elegant yet functional tables for those balmy outdoor dinner parties or stylish cushions for a splash of personality and color - please visit Suncoast Furniture and start exploring their exciting outdoor furniture today!

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