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Winter Outdoor Home Accessories

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

Winter Outdoor Home Accessories

Adding a toasty ambiance to your porch and backyard during the colder months is easy with winter outdoor home accessories such as outdoor patio heaters.

Outdoor heaters come in many shapes and sizes. From a freestanding style, as below, to tabletop and recessed mounted units, these innovative space heaters provide the warmth needed to keep your outdoor living space comfortable year-round.

Are the clean lines of the industrial look not your style? Some of the more current patio heater designs feature the style of a traditional turned lamp.

If space or location is an issue, highly efficient quartz (electric) outdoor heaters can be mounted on a ceiling, on a beam, or even under an umbrella.

If you love the campfire feel of a flame, fire bowls are another winter outdoor home accessory that can keep the outdoor party going even in the chilliest conditions.

Whether you use concrete or metal, there’s little or no prep work needed to get started with the most basic fire pits. Just set in place, add firewood, and enjoy! For a more decorator option, a gel tabletop bowl can be created using a ceramic bowl filled with fire glass or commercial rocks.

A lovely example of a patio that is perfect for fire pit entertaining is our most popular house plan, the “Prairie Pine Court”. 

The adjacent vaulted veranda and rear porch are both easily accessible from the great room and dining nook, combining indoor and outdoor spaces with ease.

Looking for the ideal home for holiday entertaining and beyond? "Casual elegance" is our trademark, and this defines the luxury indoor and outdoor living spaces found in the Sater Design Collection. See our full catalog of luxury home plans online, as well as on Pinterest!

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