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What Type of House Design Suits Your Lifestyle? Part 2

July 16, 2014

What Type of House Design Suits Your Lifestyle? Part 2

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What Type of House Design Suits Your Lifestyle?

Are you building a new home? Are you having problems deciding what type of house design suits your lifestyle? Above is a helpful infographic to give you a few ideas. When having a home built from scratch, you have to think not only about where you want to live, but about your lifestyle needs are. In a continuation of our last blog, What Type of House Design Suits Your Lifestyle?, here are three more of our popular types of house plans. Which one is right for you?

Farmhouse Home Plans

Farmhouse home plans are great for families who love relaxation and the simple things in life. They are characterized by a big front porch, perfect for sunny days and a glass of sweet tea. Their cozy leisure rooms are perfect for indoor relaxation while their large, open kitchens are ideal for get-togethers and family dinners. Farmhouse Home Plans: Rosemary Bay, Oak Island and Brantley Pines.

Courtyard Home Plans

Courtyard home plans are for those who love outdoor activities, but enjoy privacy. They are centered around an outdoor courtyard, which can be home to a lush garden, sun deck, spa or a pool. Courtyard homes have a customizable exterior to meet your aesthetic needs. Additionally, they are great for separating the main house from guest quarters. Courtyard Home Plans: Windsor Court, La Reina and Casoria.

Mediterranean Home Plans

Mediterranean Home Plans are for those who appreciate immaculate design. Barrel-tile roofs, arched windows and terra-cotta tiled courtyards are distinctive for a Mediterranean atmosphere. Spa-like baths are the ultimate in luxury and relaxation while efficient kitchen spaces combine extravagance with functionality. Mediterranean Home Plans: Alamosa, Portofino and Kinsey.

For even more inspiration, please take a look atWhat Type of House Design Suits Your Lifestyle?

Pictured Above: Our farmhouse home plan "Rosemary Bay".

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