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Custom Doors: Knock Knock Who’s There?

August 08, 2014

Custom Doors: Knock Knock Who's There?

Why Custom Doors?

Trissini Home Plan Custom Door

Trissino-Foyer-Plan #6937

It has been said that the “front door” sets the stage and creates the first  impression of what a home looks like on the inside. Since the entrance is the  first thing you see, you want to make sure that it measures up to what is inside.  Once you step onto the porch and ring the door bell, you will be viewing the  door up close until it is opened. This is where the door will impact your opinion  of the home. Because of this, you should consider custom doors.

The fact that a front door is more than a basic necessity can make the selection  of the perfect front door a bit of a challenge. While it may seem a simple task at  first, you will soon realize that there are many factors which must be considered  before the perfect front door is decided upon. Aesthetic appeal, security,  sustainability, maintenance, and the material from which the doors are made  are all relevant considerations that must be addressed.

Every home should express the personality of its owner, however, the doors  must also blend well with the overall style of the house. While it is not  absolutely necessary to match the primary door with the exact era or style of  the home, you should make sure its design is at least similar. Stepping back to  look at the architecture of the home is a good place to start when selecting your  front door.

When looking for a front door for your home, keep in mind New Erra Doors. Did you know that Dan Sater has designed his own collection of custom doors? That’s right! Dan teamed up with New Erra Doors to create the Sater Series Signature Doors, all uniquely designed by Dan Sater. These custom doors are the perfect compliment to any Sater Design Collection or Sater Group, Inc. house plan. The same care and attention to detail that Dan puts into his home plans, he has applied to his line of custom doors. He offers both entry and matching interior doors. The interior custom doors can be used to accent focal points or can be used throughout the entire house. This will also add great architectural detail to your home. Consider how one of these custom doors will compliment your new Sater designed house plan!



Pictured Above: Our Mediterranean home plan “Portofino.”


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