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Sater Design Goes To Europe

September 09, 2014




Pictured: Gzegorz Hadduczek and Dan Sater II


Dan Sater II, FAIBD recently met with an architecture company in Europe, Z500 International.


The Director of Marketing for Z500 International, Gzegorz Hadduczek, met with Dan in July 2014 at The Sater Design Collection’s offices in Bonita Springs, Florida. Gzegorz and Dan discussed a joint marketing of their home plans.


The Sater Design Collection will market and promote Z500’s plans in the United States, while Z500 will market and promote The Sater Design Collection’s home plans throughout Europe.


Located in Europe, Z500 International is the second largest architecture company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. They market their home plans throughout Europe, Russia and Australia. They offer architectural plans of houses, residences, housing estates, service buildings, garages, gardens and more. Mariusz Debski is the CEO of Z500 and the Director of Marketing is Gzegorz Hadduczek.


Dan Sater II is no stranger to overseas projects. Dan has completed custom homes in Pakistan and China, to name a few. The Sater Design Collection’s stock home plans are also constantly being purchased from various overseas locations. The Sater Companies are excited about the joint marketing with Z500 International, as it will be an additional way to gain more popularity throughout Europe.



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