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Upgrade to CAD?

October 14, 2014

Upgrade to CAD Format? Blog

Can I upgrade to CAD?

We often talk to customers who want to know, when buying a house plan, which plan format to buy. What are the differences between Vellum, PDF and CAD?
Vellum: Vellum is our most popular format. The plan is printed on Vellum paper. There are many positives about Vellum: you can take it straight to your builder and the paper is easily erased with an architect’s eraser. However, Vellum is the most expensive to ship because of the heavy paper and packaging.
PDF: The PDF version of your plan will come to you the quickest because we can electronically email it to you, usually within the same business day. It is easy to take it to your local print shop to make copies. Because it is electronic and printed on normal paper, editing it is a little more difficult though.
CAD: If you plan on making changes to the plan, you will need the CAD format. It will be shipped to you on a DVD. Anyone with the CAD program will be able to edit the plan. While the CAD format is more expensive, it is much more flexible. Your builders, contractors and interior designers will be able to use your CAD plan to make the changes you would like.
While Vellum or PDF formats are perfectly fine, depending on your building location and code requirements, we always explain that CAD is the most desirable format in most cases.
Once the building process begins, you will be sending out pages from your plans to your various consultants/subcontractors, such as your truss company, surveyor, interior designer, engineer, etc.
Invariably, we will get a phone call from one or more of these consultants asking if we can send them the CAD files for the plan they are working on. By using CAD, they can make whatever changes are necessary very easily in a computer instead of hand drawing the changes, which is more time consuming.
What if you purchased the Vellum or PDF and you now need the CAD format? Can you upgrade? The good news is…yes! You can upgrade to CAD easily. Just give us a call. All you need to pay is the difference between the Vellum/PDF and the CAD format. The upgrade cost will pay for itself with the time saved by your subcontractors who will not have to hand draw the changes.

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